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Atlantic Database Systems, Inc. provides system and software architecture, design and development services for highly reliable Linux web based servers running 24/7.

We can provide you with experience and technical knowledge to go beyond those of your in house staff in designing new or improved Linux based servers resulting in faster development, more reliable systems and better utilization of new technology.

  • Server and network architecture
  • System engineering analyses
  • Advanced interactive website design and development
    • Integrate Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Python and MongoDB or MySQL for high performance, highly interactive web sites
Recent Projects
  • Web based distance learning system for the U.S. Army
    • Tracks 1,000,000 plus students with over 20 million test details on Dell servers using MySQL
    • Server side coded in Python with javaScript/jQuery for browser code and AJAX communication
  • Regional demographic information system
    • Uses the geospatial capabilities in MongoDB to provides tailored population demographics including distance bands around a location using census data by zip code
    • See
  • Alumni club management information system
    • One database of club events and another of alumni, members and event registrations feed four websites
    • A public website www.harvardclubofcapecod keeps members informed of club events
    • Protected websites provide management of club events and automatic generation of pdf and HTML flyers, maintenance of member information, registration of members for events, various member mailing lists and reporting of membership renewal status

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